Changing the Water in your Fish Tank

Anyone who has ever had a fish tank (especially salt water) knows how important it is and how challenging it can be to maintain the water at the proper levels to insure a healthy and happy environment for your fish. It’s so easy to develop harmful levels of pollutants (e.g. high levels of nitrates, ammonia and such) if you haven’t learned the steps necessary to test the water and how to make adjustments to create the proper balance. Worst yet, it’s so easy for harmful levels to develop simply because you don’t adhere to a prescribed maintenance schedule. I know because I am guilty of all the above. I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I lost several fish due to my neglect in learning soon enough. Hopefully, the ‘fish Gods’ will forgive me.

How about you? Do you find yourself in the same situation when it comes to running your company? Are there areas of your operation in which you are just ‘winging it’ when you should be learning more about how to properly manage it? Are there skill sets you need to develop or activities you need to engage in more proactively (e.g. proper performance evaluation; marketing) that would help move your business to the next level? If you are like most small business owners, you brought quite a number of abilities and competencies to the job, but you would probably have to admit to yourself that you lack several that are critical to unlocking the hidden potential of your business.

Why learn the hard way when there are many resources available to develop your skills and perhaps impact your view about such things?  As a coach, trainer and consultant to small business owners for over four decades, I find that small business owners often can benefit from hands on guidance in a variety of areas that they take for granted but have never really received much training. Like myself with changing the water in my fish tank, they learn ‘the hard way’. Examples are: understanding and analyzing their financial statements, negotiating financing, handle employee performance issues, learning and applying Guerrilla Marketing techniques, improving production capacity and productivity, and developing their middle-management team. Sure, many do a ‘good’ job at these, but they never get to be ‘great’ at them.

For the same reasons that great golfers have a coach, many small business owners would be wise to find the right coach to help them become ‘great’ in some areas where there is untapped potential.

You can learn more about the many areas I am referring to in my new book, Set Yourself Free – How to Have A Thriving Small Business… And Enjoy It.

I hope you will take a moment to read more about it. Feel free to call me at 518.369.7101 or email me at:


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