I don’t have time!

Yes, we’d all be millionaires if we got a dollar each time we heard this from others… or perhaps ourselves. How can one deny the reality of this when the actual workload is beyond our physical and/or mental capacity? It’s no excuse… just a ‘reaction’ to indicate that whatever else we are being asked to consider is simply not as important as what we already have on our plate.

Most times it’s a valid response, but many times it’s just a knee-jerk reaction to feeling overwhelmed.  I can’t count the number of times I have offered a business owner a great opportunity to promote their business for FREE on television (15-minute spots) or attend a powerful seminar that directly addressed issues of great concern to them only to be greeted with “I don’t have time.” We all know that one.  I wonder what different choices owners would make if there was a tax for not considering what was being presented before they could use that phrase. It’s almost like a person who was drowning in a rip tide saying “I’m too busy to catch that” to the person who was asking them if they could use a life jacket!

Yes, I know you’re probably saying to yourself, “Stan doesn’t really understand how many sales people and others would have me in a worse situation if I gave them my precious time.” True but what if I could give you a way to filter out such ‘wasters’ and look at ways to take advantage of those who could add value… to getting you out of the rut (rat race, rat trap, endless treadmill… call it what you want). Well then pay close attention if this interests you.

It’s called the ‘art of selective neglect.’ Some call it ‘prioritization’ but that implies that all things will still be on the table for consideration. I take it
a step further and suggest that most people have stuff that wouldn’t make a difference in the world if they NEVER did it! They just haven’t thought it through closely enough. If they did, they would either NEVER do it or simply delegate it to someone else and hope for the best.

By doing this, they free themselves up to receive the ‘gifts from heaven’ to which they might have otherwise said “I don’t have time for that”.

If you want to learn more about how to set yourself free, MAKE TIME to look at my new book, Set Yourself Free – How to Have A Thriving Small Business… And Enjoy It! because just might ‘earn’ some free time from it.

Feel free to call me at 518.369.7101 or email me at: stan@fambizdoc.com


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