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Do you feel trapped…stressed out and unhappy…burning the candle at both ends…trying to meet the never-ending demands of your business and wanting some semblance of a personal life too?

Set Yourself Free! You can control your business rather than it controlling you. You can have a thriving business…and enjoy it! There is a way out of your prison and you hold the keys…

This book was written by my need to share the ‘black and blue marks’ from over 45 years of business management experience… first as a practicing CPA for 17 years and then specializing for the next 25+ years as a business consultant.  During this period, I have seen many business owners experience periods of terror, frustration, confusion, ambivalence, apathy, and even depression… all leading to IMMOBILITY to deal with the challenges in their business.

It is my intent to provide practical insight and simple tips on how to overcome these common patterns. With over 29.3 million small businesses, I could be content to have impacted a mere 1% of them… yet I have the hope that this wonderful group of entrepreneurs will be more receptive!

For more information about the author please click HERE.

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